Bat + Cat = Love


Happy Smile Monday everyone! Batman is my personal favourite superhero (as long as Adam West has the role)! That’s why I chose him and the beautiful Catwoman to be featured in today’s illustration! Usually I have only one stick figure with a speech bubble or catch-phrase; it was a lot of fun to create two characters speaking to each other!


I think my superhero collection has come to a close – simply because I can’t think of any more superheros whose name can be turned into a romantic phrase! Iron Man – nope. AquaMan – nope. Thor – nope. Hulk, Flash, Bionic Bunny – nope, nope, nope. HeeHee! I am quite proud of the three that I was able to illustrate though! (: What do you think of my Superheros In Love Collection?!?

Have a beautiful day! ♥

What are your thoughts?

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