Paper Aeroplane Pilot

When someone you love accomplishes a big task it’s important to let them know how proud you are! {Sometimes it’s really important to acknowledge the little tasks too!} Send them a smile and tell them just how special you think they are! ūüėä Click on the image above if you‚Äôd like to see this illustrationContinue reading “Paper Aeroplane Pilot”

Christmas Card Giveaway

Hi friends! If you’re visiting from Julie Gillies’ blog – welcome! Julie is my mother-in-law and I was delighted to design the¬†prayer images for her Prepare My Heart For The Holidays¬†prayer experience. {Old friends, be sure to check out this awesome blog series filled with prayers and encouragement!} My name is Audrey –¬†I illustrate¬†cheerful stickContinue reading “Christmas Card Giveaway”